Welcome to the MiRCART website brought to you by Penis Pump. ASCII was a big fucking deal back in the day, but the elite attitudes of the old ascii scene heads was always a huge turn off. When IRC took over the BBS scene, that style of art became less relevant. There are a million places on IRC to hang out and eventually you’ll find artists. This should be a good way to capture some of it. IRC art has been going on for awhile, but one of the main things MiRCART is about, is not taking this shit seriously. All art should be appreciated. Simple or complex.. it doesn’t matter.. did it take 20 seconds.. 5 hours? It’s all good.

If you’d like to draw with us come over to #mircart on EFNet. You can visit http://wepump.in/asdf/  or https://asdf.us/asciiblaster/ for a more updated version and use that to draw.. or use PabloDraw, Aciddraw.. really anything.

Feel free to play these in your favorite channels.. Such as #ascii, #ansi, #efnet, #efnetnews and #lrh. Be sure to join #mircart on irc.efnet.org!