Change Log

2018-04-26 | THURSDAY, APRIL 26TH 2018

  • added a brand new logo to the header and blacked the borders in *suggested by vap0r
  • added new page: Official MiRCART Packs/DL – this now includes pack pages and downloads all on one page.
  • changed the download link displayed on pack pages and it now blinks (lol). also cleaned up some of the code.
  • changed the dashes on the theme to a darker color (#333333) and made it 2px to stand out. the search bar at the top has also been changed from a solid line to a dash with a different color to kind of stand out.
  • added new page: Contact/Submissions – now has information on how to submit your ASCII and contact.
  • updated the chat page to embed a webapplet. seeing as efnets didn’t have a valid SSL cert for their applet, it was breaking the iframe.
  • fixed mobile version of the site to include all the changes. i wasnt really aware of the broken header. since the new logo is pretty wide. this is now hidden from mobile users so there isn’t a huge side scroll.
  • changed the number of displayed MiRCART packs on the front page from 10 to 5 and added some text under the widget that helps direct people to previous packs.
  • removed the extra border line at the bottom of every page.

2018-04-13 | FRIDAY, APRIL 13TH 2018

  • changed all of the official MiRCART packs to fit the new format of author-title.png/txt. packs are now .zip created instead of .tar.gz files. additionally a master pack is generated on every new pack release.
  • caught two ASCII posts that were dead links. these have been fixed.

2018-04-02 | MONDAY, APRIL 2ND 2018

  • added new page: Change Log – this is where all the changes will be added. for anyone who cares what gets changed.
  • search removed from middle of the page and added to the top of the page.
  • all ASCII links that had pastebin urls have been removed to include just our self-hosted link. there really wasn’t a need for the pastebin links anymore.
  • some custom code was added to exclude pages in search results. some keywords would trigger a page output.
  • the tag cloud widget was changed a bit to stand out. instead of being plaine.
  • the official packs list on the front page was now changed to a decending order *suggested by vap0r. additionally only the latest 10 packs will show. this is to prevent the page from scrolling in the future when packs exceed 50.
  • some posts had old dev links that were somehow missed when it was moved to the official site *reported by vap0r.
  • added some changes to the nginx file to force download of .txt files. this helps prevent your browser from opening ASCII’s that are just plaine text.


  • initial release